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Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning

Over long periods of time, you will notice dulling of smooth-surface tiles from daily abrasion which, in turn, creates hiding places for dirt, oils and bacteria. More textured tiles trap even more dirt in their tiny crevices, especially in high traffic areas. Even regular mopping with circulated water can actually deposit bacteria in the crevices, worsening the tiles' condition.

The Grout lines

Lime-based grout absorbs moisture, oils and sugars that attract bacteria, dirt and other solids that darken the grout. Regular cleaning can dilute the grime, but, without effective hot-water extraction, the formed slurry only soaks deeper into the grout. Regular mopping adds even more moisture and dirt

The Solution

Cleaning your tile & grout is great way to improve the look of your home. Our tile & grout cleaning services will not only make it look great but will help it last longer too. Utilizing high powered truck mounted equipment and rotary jet extraction, we achieve a controlled high pressure cleaning that penetrates and removes embedded soil in your tile and grout then extracted using the super suction of truck mounted power. We then apply a clear sealer to help dirt and stains from penetrating into the porous surfaces. This helps to keep it looking great and helps it to stay clean for easier home maintenance the next time.


A clear sealer is then applied to help dirt and stains from penetrating into porous surfaces. This helps to keep those porous surfaces looking great and easier to maintain in the future.

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