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Power Washing

Domestic Driveway Cleaning & Patio Cleaning

We specialise in cleaning all types of exterior surfaces such as Block paving, Driveways, Patios, Decking, Render, Patio Slabs, Walls and more!

Due to the Scottish weather climate block paving can become infested with weeds, grass, algae, lichen, and moss; this means your investment can start to look a bit of an eyesore. As we are all leading busy lives you may not have time to attend to this messy job yourself but don't worry, professional help is at hand; we have the methods and procedures in place to restore you're paving / surface at a fraction of its initial installation cost!

Our machines are specially designed to remove the top layer of sand from within the joints of block paving. This sand is the dirty sand where the vegetation grows from.

After the cleaning process we spray the surface with a weed and algae inhibitor then once the surface has dried we top the joints back up with sterile kiln dried sand in a colour that matches your paving!

We use a Rotary surface cleaner to clean your driveway or patio this keeps virtually all the cleaning contained to reduce any mess being created, although we always clean down all adjacent areas after, as standard.

As well as Driveway Cleaning we also clean a variety of hard surfaces including:

  • Block paving
  • Patios
  • Paths
  • Walls
  • Decking
  • Natural stone

Paving Sealant Application provide a sealing service for paving within the domestic and commercial sector.

The Paving sealants we use are among the best in the industry; they are more durable and last longer than cheaper water based alternatives.

Magic Paving sealant gives the surface a fresh look, and helps to highlight the natural colours of the paved surface.

There are various finishes are available i.e High gloss, Matt or the most popular - Satin, We always keep a 'swatch' on our vans so you can see up close the finishes and the way in which the sealant works.

The technical side of sealants:

The sealer is applied evenly to the surface using a industrial roller, it soaks into the paviour as well as the jointing sand, this binds the particles of sand together as well as the sides of the blocks. After this application the solvent base of the sealer evaporates leaving the sealant effectively cured in place producing a very strong stable bond, which retains the normal flexible properties of the pavement.

The Benefits of having a sealant applied:

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