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How Cimex-Encap works

Cimex-Encap Carpet Cleaner does not work in the same way as traditional detergents.

Cimex-Encap solution releases soil particles for the carpet fibres, but then the specially formulated polymer molecules in the encapsulation solution totally surround soil particles and dry to an inert solid.

Any unused Cimex-Encap solution also dries to inert crystals

As Cimex-Encap solution dries a process of agglomeration takes place. Agglomeration means that individual soil particles are consolidated into larger pieces that are easier to vacuum out. After drying, captured soil and inert crystals simply vacuum from carpet.

Carpet is left visibly cleaner

Cimex-Encap improves carpet maintenance as repeated vacuuming removes more encapsulated soil. Dried solution is inert and does not re-attract soil to the carpet - in fact Cimex-Encap actively repels soil. This means that the problems of wicking and re-soiling are solved.

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